Responsive Web Design Toolkit

A Workshop for Designers & Developers

I created this workshop with friends in mind. Designers who have become developers. First they're imaging how a website looks, and then writing the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript making it real.

They are talented and tenacious, but they are not well equipped to code, test, and debug responsive and mobile-first sites. I have a plan to help them, and you.

An entire history of fantastic tools exists stuck in the domain of software engineers. Tools that will empower designers and developers to make amazing things.

My workshop collects those tools by assembling them into a single box of awesome within your reach.

What's Before Mobile First?

Your website must embrace a world of devices - including ones you've never seen before


Why is mobile first vital and what does it offer you? Can you build responsive experiences serving your customers by balancing detail with flexibility?

Frontend Tools

How can you know that your website will work when it goes live? Can you find browser bugs, apply extra polish, and gain confidence in your code working on device?


When you build features into your webapp how will you know they're used? Can you report on the popularity of your UX, devices, operating systems, and browsers?

What You Will Learn

Some of the key tips and tactics you'll takeaway after attending the workshop


Convert Google Analytics big data into concrete knowledge. Inform your decisions about hardware, screen size, O/S, and mobile UX.

Find and Fix Bugs

Take deep dives into browser browser developer tools discovering and fixing mistakes in your website across laptop, phone, and tablet.

Device Debugging

Attach handhelds to your laptop remotely testing your website in Chrome and Safari over USB. Working code removes doubt.

Device Pretenders

Make your laptop think it’s a handheld with the Apple iOS Simulator. Keep a mobile-first attitude even when hardware isn't on hand.

Coder Tao

Showing programmer thinking as a helpful path for achieving perfection. You and I don't always have an easy job, but it's worthy work.


Air is surprisingly slow for being invisible. Investigate with WebPageTest if your site is sluggish as files are pulled down to phones.

What People Are Saying

I'm grateful for the good things folks say about my talks

"Simple, complete, effective, and engaging are some attributes I'd associate with Ken's talk. Not to be missed." - Keyur P

"Always look forward to hearing Ken speak. He presents difficult concepts in a simple and straightforward manner, while making his sessions exciting and witty." - Vance W

"Ken is a wealth of knowledge; his presentations are done in such an engaging manner, anyone attending will benefit." - Kristine P

"If the topic is development for mobile devices and Ken is speaking, it's a good idea to listen." - Tony B

"Ken is a very engaging speaker with well thought out content and great experience to back his talks." - Emily T

What To Bring With You

This is a hands on event - please prepare by bringing these items with you


Safari, Chrome, XCode, your editor/IDE, Google Analytics login, github example project, and creativity


OS X laptop preferred, Android or iOS phone or tablet, USB cables, and a curious brain


Working experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, mobile web dev, responsive design techniques, and wonder

Learn More Now

If you can't make it to my workshop I have some useful code and articles

Blog Articles

Deep dives into programming, UX, leadership, and more. I share what I know.


When I speak at conferences I publish the slides. Usually the day before my talk.


Source code repos for various R&D topics, experiments, and article demos.


Generally news about work related discoveries. Occasionally odd-ball life events.


Let's connect for future job searches and professional updates.

RWD Toolkit

My book helps designers and developers power-up their web skills with fantastic tools.

About Ken Tabor

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Ken shares his enthusiasm for technology as an active blogger, and frequent speaker at conferences including SXSW Interactive, Big Design, HTML5 Dev Conf, WebVisions, and O’Reilly OSCON.

His shipping work includes websites, mobile apps, and video games published by Atari, Nintendo, and Electronic Arts.

Areas of interest include JavaScript, NodeJS, mobile-first, UX, analytics, design, 3D, leadership, chocolate, and coffee.

Ken has helped millions of travelers get where they need to go by being a leading part of the Sabre team building TripCase.

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